Sleek, Elegant,<br>Social Promotions.<br><br> First 30 days free.

Sleek, Elegant,
Social Promotions.

First 30 days free.

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"Other sharing widgets felt clunky and separate from our brand. Gatsby fits right in."

- Jake Berton, Founder at Rheos Gear

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Real Social Engagement From Customers

Real Social Engagement From Customers

Encouraging your customers to talk about your products or follow your brand on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook has never been easier.

With Gatsby, not only can you increase your social reach, you can do so in style with custom branding and a modern and responsive design out-of-the-box.

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Data To Drive Conversions

Data To Drive Conversions

What is one more conversion per month worth to you? Would it help if you knew the name and email address for that shopper who didn't add-to-cart, and didn't buy?

With Gatsby, you can gather this information earlier in the conversion funnel.

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Automate Everything

Automate Everything

Whether you're a startup founder or member of a large organization, you're busy. With Gatsby, you can set your campaign in motion then forget about it.

Gatsby will continue to encourage social engagement, deliver promo codes on screen and via email, and in the event of a raffle campaign, even tell you who won.

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Connect Gatsby To Your CRM, and more.

Connect Gatsby To Your CRM, and more.

Gatsby is unique in it's ability to integrate with nearly any 3rd party solution. Talk to us about Gatsby for the Enterprise.

Other Enterprise features include subdomain whitelisting, unique promo codes, full white-label support, and in-line text CTAs.

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"Love that Gatsby is connecting brands. Very cool!"

- Sophia Lotter, Director of Marketing at Waiakea